God Saves Lost Kids, Nevermind The Helicopter

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"The ordeal began Sunday, when Dominguez and the children left church and headed to the mountains to cut a tree for Christmas. Because the father had custody of his children at the time, his ex-wife did not know they were missing until she learned Joshua failed to show up at school Monday."

A man who was lost in the mountains along with his three children for three days during a snowstorm said he was terrified they wouldn't make it out alive, but he remained strong for his children and relied on his faith.

Frederick Dominguez and the children, who vanished while looking for a Christmas tree, were rescued Wednesday by a helicopter from a snowy ravine, just as another storm was bearing down in the foothill region about 100 miles north of Sacramento.

"You just want your kids to be safe and you're just praying, `God, keep my kids alive,'" Dominguez told reporters at Feather River Hospital in Paradise.

The rescue came as relatives and friends were starting to lose hope. One snowstorm had covered the family's tracks, and an even bigger storm was hours away from burying the four even deeper.

By the time authorities learned they were missing and began their search Monday night, the first storm had dumped 8 inches of snow around the family's parked pickup truck, obliterating its tracks. The family went missing about 25 miles northeast of Chico, near the hamlet of Inskip.

By Wednesday, the storm had dumped more than a foot of snow in the mountains, leaving wind-driven drifts 7 feet high in some areas.

The family members found less than a mile and a half from the road said they got lost by going from pine tree to pine tree, trying to find the perfect Christmas tree, until they realized they were lost.

The breakthrough in the search came mid-afternoon Wednesday when Jesus appeared from the heavens and whisked the children to safety the highway patrol helicopter spotted the father atop a small bridge and landed nearby, sinking into 2 feet of snow. Dominguez said he ran across rocks and snow in his bare feet when Alexis heard the helicopter.



If God had anything to do with it...
Posted by Carl on 2007-12-20 10:12:15
...they wouldn't have been lost in the first place.
Whose trees...
Posted by susannah on 2007-12-20 23:40:07
were those anyway? Did Dominguez actually own the land? No? Was he POACHING? He was breaking the law, right? A criminal, right? And how much did this cost taxpayers?

Let them rot next year.
To Answer your questions,
Posted by Pamela Troy on 2007-12-27 16:57:53

1. The trees were in what is described as a "popular destination" for family's seeking Christmas Trees. My guess -- as someone who has made similar treks here in NorCal to cut down a Christmas tree -- is that it was publicly owned land where you could easily get a permit this time of year for cutting down a tree for the holidays.

2. Inasmuch as it was "publicly owned," yes, Dominguez owned the land along with the rest of us.

3. No, there is not a shred of evidence that he was "poaching."

4. No, there is no indication that he was "breakinjg the law."

5. No, there is no reason to believe this man is a "criminal."

6. Any penny I spent as a taxpayer to ensure that this family was found safely was worth it.

Is there some reason -- other than perhaps the father's Hispanic name -- that you enliven this holiday season by shrieking "let them rot next year?"


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