Freedom Fence Not So Fancy

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James Campbell, a retired Arizona homebuilder, decided that investing for the future is important. But rather than put his money into selfish ventures that might make him or his descendants any money, he wanted to make America secure. For that noble purpose, he took out a loan and gave $100,000 of it to the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) to help build an "Israel-style" fence around our borders to the south (I had an Israel-style reuben the other day--MUCH more delicious than the fence). But the MCDC, which has failed to staunch the incoming tide of illegal entrants into this country, also kinda failed to keep up its end of the bargain fence-wise. The fence, which was to be made of steel tube and be otherwise Israeli fence-like (I have no idea what that's supposed to be--perhaps bearded), is in fact rather dinky and not what Campbell was promised by the founder of the MCDC, Mr. Chris Simcox. So Mr. Campbell is undertaking another patriotic act--he's suing.

Mr. Simcox (which, I think we can all agree, would make a great name for an adult novelty product) is evidently a little confused by the complaint, acknowledging that construction has stalled but would start up just as soon as additional funds are raised. His goal? $55 million, which is only 550 times what Campbell has spent. Maybe Campbell should get off his lazy butt and do some fund-raising for the cause he donated a big chunk of his retirement money on. In some more bad news for Mr. Campbell, Mr. Simcox just fired a handful of the MCDC's top leaders after they tried to meet with him to discuss a supposed "lack of financial accountability." Uh-oh. More than ten MCDC state chapter leaders have ALSO tried to meet with Mr. Simcox in Phoenix to discuss what they call a "serious" lack of financial accountability. Double uh-oh. Mr. Simcox's response? Those agitating "want to destroy us and the movement," says Mr. Simcox. So the top national movement leaders, as well as those in charge of leading his own movement at the state level, are out to destroy it? Nice.





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