McDonalds- You Want Missiles With That?

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Missiles are dangerous. That's just one of those things EVERYBODY knows--from a helicopter pilot shucking and jiving over Tikrit to an eight-year-old with an XBox 360. The problem for one North Carolina woman in Virginia is what a jury can DEFINE as a missile.

In this case it's an ultra-dangerous Biggie-sized cup from McDonalds (look out! it had ice!) and Jessica Hall, 25, is now looking at two years in prison after being convicted of maliciously throwing a missile into an occupied vehicle. Pete Ballin and Eliza Fowle were evidently weaving through stop-and-go traffic and cut off Mrs. Hall (the wife of a serviceman currently ducking REAL missiles in Iraq) one time too many- while she was carrying her three young children and her pregant sister with early contractions. And what was the catastrophic result of the fast food fusilade? "It was gross and sticky and got all over me and the front of our car, the dashboard and the windshield," said Fowle. Dubbed the McMissile--the minimum sentence for her act mean she might well be spending two years in jail, although a judge can reduce that at sentencing. Gross and sticky, indeed.



Posted by Missle on 2007-02-19 11:16:11
It's a projectile directed at a target as a weapon. From the strictest definition of the term, that's enough to call it a missile. It doesn't have to be self propelled, or laser guided to be called a missile. It doesn't matter if it was shot, fired, thrown, or launched from a trebuchet. It's a missile.
Posted by ueberbill on 2007-02-19 11:44:55
And I probably overplayed my hand with regards to the missile angle- the point I wanted to make most was how ridiculous the sentencing is for such a trifling little thing. If you read the original article even the accosted were shocked at the trial's outcome.


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