Christmas Miracle Virgin Birth Anticipated

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In an amazing parallel to the Nativity story, Flora the Komodo dragon is pregnant without the help of a male dragon, and may give (virgin) birth to eight babies on or near Christmas. That's when her eggs, which have been confirmed as fertile, are expected to hatch.

Flora has never mated with a male, or even shared a living space with a male. She's lonely, folks, and so she's using the miracle of parthenogenesis to produce a clutch of baby dragons which will all be male, in hope of eventually getting some.

While parthenogenesis has been known to occur in lesser lizard species, no one had anticipated that Komodo dragons, the largest lizard species, might be capable of the feat. (For you non-scientists, it was also the method the dinosaurs on Jurassic Park island used to reproduce.)
Genetic tests show that Flora is both the mother and father of the eggs, confirming that they are the product of parthenogenesis.

If one of those Komodo dragons grows up to be a world leader, I am totally getting ready for Armageddon.





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