Battle Rages Between Spammers and Anti-Spammers

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[Beating Dead Horses]
An Israeli company called Blue Security has attracted the ire of the spam community by introducing a new system whereby people subscribe to a "do not spam" registry and download client software that effectively attacks spam advertisers if they violate the do-not-spam rules.

The spamming community has not been happy with this and have launched their own counter attack against Blue Security (and anybody in between).

In the process, these two warring factions have interrupted thousands of internet sites and systems. And still, the federal authorities seem completely uninterested in actually enforcing computer tampering and anti-spamming laws.

In the meantime, as Blue Security struggles to keep their Internet systems online the CEO makes a desperate plea to the community that "freedom isn't free". Um, Ok. I fully expect the Godwin rule to be whipped out in their next press release.

This whole issue might be taken more seriously by us if, well, the company wasn't publicly whining about some script kiddy named "Pharmamaster" who ICQs the executives with taunts, and signs his missives with smiley faces. On one end, a bunch of Israelis are running around in suits holding meetings; on the other, a guy just opened up his fifth can of Red Bull and is playing on an xBox.


If you can't access any of the web sites, you know why.




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