GOP Launches "Teabagging" Parties

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Fox News and other news media are calling attention to a new wave of protests, "Teabagging parties." As Rachel Maddow says, "Apparently they didn't check Urbandictionary before they chose their name."

What's even more amusing is this batch of republicans are protesting all the policies enacted by the Bush administration. Where were they when he put all these policies in effect?

Dan Gross tries to figure out what the "tea party" movement is actually for:

And some actual footage of "Tea Party" participants:


Posted by Timothy Rutherford on 2009-04-15 00:34:27
Oh! They said "teabagging"! That's so funny we need to dedicate the rest of the show to pretending not to laugh while repeating the word "teabagging" over and over.
Grow up and make a sex tape.
And if this last dumbass knows nothing about who the protesters are, why ask him? He can grow up and make a sex tape too.
Thanks for wasting my time.
Posted by Pile on 2009-04-15 20:31:33
I think there was more substance to the issue than the mentioning of "teabag".
Talk about inaccuracies!
Posted by Informant756 on 2009-07-30 15:30:11
I hate these dumbasses who claim that the Teaparties are all "Republicans" and "neocons". Truth is, there were many Democrats there, and probably more Independents than anyone.

I happen to be an Independent (former Democrat), and I was there. And get this straight - I was demonstrating against the Bush policies also!

Jackass die-hard Democrats like you are so goddamned narrowminded that you can't even CONSIDER the possibility that anyone other than your fellow Democrats would attend an anti-Bush policy demonstration. Sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but only Democrats have their noses that far up anyone's asses.


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