Work Sucks, Get Some Slaves!

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Life is hard--you work all day to pay your debts and maybe make enough on the side to enjoy yourself on the weekend. Surely there is some way, some labor-saving device that'll do some of my work for me and leave me free to, I don't know, watch The Price is Right during the day. But what could that be? I know, SLAVES!

A Long Island couple (man, I would've pegged this one on Floridians for sure) have been charged by the feds for keeping two Indonesian women as fricking SLAVES in their home for the last five years. The women were beaten with sticks, cut with knives, and forced to eat hot peppers for not performing their work adequately. The official charge is obtaining the labor and services of another person by use of threats of serious physical harm (y'know, slavery). Varsha Mahendar Sabhnanni and Mahendar Murlidhar Sabhanni run a perfume business out of their home (with surprisingly little overhead) and forced the women to hide in a 3' by 3' closet when guests came over. Authorities were alerted when one of the women made good her escape and was later found wandering around outside of a Dunkin Donuts (which is a weird detail to include in the story, I might add).



Dunkin Donuts
Posted by wizeGurl on 2007-05-17 13:52:10
My guess is, if you're an unpaid slave, you don't get a lot of donuts. So naturally, when you break free, the smell might be overwhelmingly powerful.

mmmm milky
Posted by winky tinky doo on 2007-05-21 15:23:18
then she skipy de doo right over to market for some milky


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