FBI Wiretapping Scandal Widens

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A front-page Washington Post article reports that the FBI's illegal use of wiretap/record requests was known inside the FBI but continued anyway.

In essence, the FBI and our nation's telecommunications companies have secretly created a framework whereby the FBI can obtain -- instantaneously and without limits -- any information it asks for. The Patriot Act already substantially expanded the circumstances under which the FBI can obtain such records without the need for subpoenas or any judicial process, and it left in place only the most minimal limitations and protections. But it is those very minimal safeguards which the FBI continuously violated in order to obtain whatever information its agents desired, about any Americans they targeted, with literally no limits of any kind.

In order to obtain telephone records within this FBI-telecom framework, FBI agents have been simply furnishing letters to the telecom companies -- not even NSLs, just plain letters from an agent -- assuring the telecom companies that (a) the records were needed immediately due to "exigent circumstances" and (b) a subpoena for the records had been submitted to the U.S. Attorneys Office and was in the process of being finalized. Upon receiving that letter, the telecoms provided any records the FBI requested -- instantaneously, via computer.

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Yeah well... It can be hacked and beat - legally!
Posted by TheSwing on 2007-03-19 22:31:20
Remember your cell phone microphone can be remotely activated, do you think that is eing abused or what! As for wiretaps there is a flaw in the system they use to tap phones, you need a KP tone pad and simply generate a C Tone which is the tone that tells the loop Tap system the line was dropped or hung up and in at least some systems based on the newer J-STD-025A CALEA interfaces.. See more FACTUAL INFORMATION HERE


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