Let's Play Guess The Election

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See if you can figure out which election I'm talking about:
The Incumbents: Hard-line Conservatives with an aggressive and combative foreign policy posture that strongly supports the existing conservative administration.

The Opposition: Moderate and Reformist candidates opposing the incumbents' stance and support of said administration

The Result: The moderate opposition take majority control in local and national elections. Election referred to as a "blow" to the administration and the voters are said to have "said a big 'no' to" the current president.

Any idea? It's not the country you're probably thinkin'...

It's... IRAN! In an eerie parallel with our own elections of November, more than 60 percent of the electorate turned out to strike a blow for moderation and common-sense. If the results hold, reform candidates (who were barred from running in 2004) will be in control of local councils all over Iran and will have done well in the national Assembly of Experts (can you imagine calling Congress that without laughing?). President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in power for a year, has drawn criticism from all over the world for his anti-Israel rhetoric and his hardline stance on Iran's nuclear ambitions. Now the voters in his own country have condemned his policies. Iraj Jamshidi, a freelance Iranian journalist was quoted thusly, "After a year, Iranians have seen the consequences of the extremist policies employed by Ahmadinejad. Now, they have said a big 'no' to him." Now think back to all the rhetoric thrown around by both sides after the Dems took control in November (shouldn't be that hard- the print's hardly dry) and it's really pretty spooky.





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