Now Big Brother Can Talk!

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Britain has one security camera for every 14 of its citizens--over 4 million in all. Middlesbrough has extended the functionality of these cameras so that the operators can actually talk to those they watch. The mayor, an ex-cop whose service nickname was Robocop, says that "there's been too much spoken about human rights, too much about civil liberties of the wrongdoers."

The mayor, Ray Mallon, calls the eye-and-mouth-in-the-sky devices "intervention tools" and says that sometimes all you have to do to stop illegal activity is "intervene and say to someone, 'Don't do that'." Some of the videos captured by the operators include a drunk putting back a displaced traffic cone and a smoker picking up a cigarette butt. Who wouldn't want to give up any expectation of privacy to keep all traffic cones in their rightful places?



Posted by IM-poster on 2006-10-04 19:58:59
This is so scary/creepy....if they tried it in this country, we wouldn't allow it...right?
Posted by wizeGurl on 2006-10-05 12:05:39
They have already tried it in this country, though not the talking kind. Last I heard, it was allowed.


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